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Hi there! I see that this community has been inactive for a long long long time, but hopefully someone is still reading.

I'm a diehard slasher relocating to Portland, but I know absolutely nothing about the city. I have a million questions (okay, just 5 really), and this community seemed like the closest thing to a good place to post them. (I hope this sort of post is allowed, if not please delete this entry, or ask me to!)

1) Does anyone know if there is any place in Portland where I can I get my BL manga fix— maybe a Kinokuniya or some other import manga store?

2) What about asian grocery stores, for snacks and stuff?

3) Are there any good anime/sci fi/comic book/toy stores, or collectibles shops with gashapon and other figures?

4) What about a place to get doujinshi?

5) Are there any slash/BL-friendly Portland conventions or meet-ups? I'm pretty shy and reclusive but I do entertain the idea of maybe attending one at some point. Besides the one mentioned in the last comment on this community, I've only seen some sort of goth con advertised, which seems neat but which I would be unable to attend due to my lack of black clothing.

So, TL;DR version: I'd love to hear about anything slash/yaoi-fannish going on in or around Portland. I'm afraid I'm going to feel super isolated until I can find out where other fans like me shop and hang out, plus I'd like to have some interesting places to show visiting fannish friends. :)

Thanks in advance for any input!
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I am the slacker mod in this place~ Welcome! Portland is a pretty awesome community and there are, in fact, places for things from most of your questions.

1&2. Kinokuniya is in Beaverton at the Uwajimaya plaza. You can get everything from your manga fix, to snacks, to misc toys.

3. For other comics and some figurines I recommend Things From Another World. The one I go to is in the Hollywood district but I'm pretty sure there are others around town. There is also Excalibur on Hawthorne, but I don't know what kind of cool loot they have.

4. No place for DJ that I know of, though they have them at Kumoricon when it comes around. That's really the best way to get swag aside from the internet.

5. It's been a freaking long time since we had a meet-up but I'm down with organizing one if there is interest.

So! What sort of coolness are you into? And where are you moving from?
Oh, awesome, thank you so much for all the info! Portland does seem pretty damn cool, and I'm relieved there's a Kino; I haven't lived anywhere without a Kino in forever. ;)

I'm not into anything in particular these days, though I do watch Stargate Atlantis religiously. I try to watch the other Sci Fi shows regularly, too, and I read fic and dj in most of my other fandoms when I happen across them.

I'm moving with my husband to Portland from the SF Bay Area, where we've spent the last couple of years. SF was cool, but way too busy and expensive for our taste. :)
Nice! I was into SGA for a while, but I haven't been watching many shows these days. Mostly just enjoying my manga.

I have a friend who will be moving up from there in... June? I think. I'm sure Portland will be way chill in comparison.

Do you have any interest in me setting up a meet? I can make a post to poll for opinions on the when and where of it. It's been ages since we last did that.
Oh, what are you currently reading? I keep up with english versions of GetBackers and Monster, and a few of the Blu titles from TkPop, but I've been pretty lazy about tracking down scanlations these days. :D

I certainly wouldn't be averse to a meet-up at some unspecified future time! Anything soonish might be a bit difficult for me. We still haven't found an apartment, and we're crazy busy trying to deal with the relocation, so my life is gonna be neck deep in packing materials for a while and therefore difficult for me to plan. :[
I read a LOT of different things, and mostly I collect scans or the Japanese version to force myself to practice my sadly lacking kanji skills. I guess One Piece is the series I follow most closely these days. I read Bleach, Eyeshield 21, and Fairy Tail. (Notice my preference for Jump titles? Yeah.) I also started reading Ping Pong recently because I love the movie so much. I have, uh, about 40GB of BL scans. I'm not too particular on that count, but my favorite authors are Kotobuki Tarako, Miyamoto Kano, Hoshino Lily, and Shiuko Kano. And probably others, but that would leave me listing authors all day. Most of the DJ I have are from Final Fantasy, FMA, Naruto, and Prince of Tennis. Uh. I like talking about my manga with people, if it wasn't obvious. -_-

Well, knowing this group it will be a few months before we actually get a date nailed down anyway. "Soon" is a relative term considering it's been over a year since we last tried to do anything here. Is March too early? Or too late?
ah, cool, you can read japanese! i always feel illiterate in japanese bookstores, and have to bug friends into explaining/translating for me. :D

i like a lot of jump titles too, though i often give up on them when they drag on for a million years. i loved eyeshield, and i followed naruto and fma for a long time too, but i've since dropped them all. i figure i'll start reading again when they're completed. as far as BL artists, i love takashima kazusa, and sumomo yumeka, and toko kawai, and too many others to list!

march sounds perfect, i ought to be settled by then (i hope LOL).
There's a Things From Another World in downtown Milwaukie, by the Dark Horse headquarters. Also, if you want English manga or other comics (or any books) go to Powell's.

Scratch that, just go to Powell's if you haven't already. It's an entire city block of bookstore.
Oooh! Is there a particular location for Powell's that is that big, or are they all large? I passed one while I was downtown during a visit to the city, but it didn't look terribly large. Maybe it was bigger on the inside? Sounds incredibly awesome. *_*
The one downtown is that big -- they offer maps of it, even. It's a bit deceptive from the outside, but go in and you'll be wandering in a book-induced daze for quite some time. The coffee shop's decent, too, but the vast array of books is the real draw. They even have an aisle of Japanese-language books, including a sizeable bunch of manga. It's not nothing on Kinokuniya if you're looking for a specific series, but it's worth a look.
oh man, that is so cool. i totally look forward to going there and immersing myself in the sci fi section. o_O thank you for the tip!
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