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Hi there! I see that this community has been inactive for a long long long time, but hopefully someone is still reading.

I'm a diehard slasher relocating to Portland, but I know absolutely nothing about the city. I have a million questions (okay, just 5 really), and this community seemed like the closest thing to a good place to post them. (I hope this sort of post is allowed, if not please delete this entry, or ask me to!)

1) Does anyone know if there is any place in Portland where I can I get my BL manga fix— maybe a Kinokuniya or some other import manga store?

2) What about asian grocery stores, for snacks and stuff?

3) Are there any good anime/sci fi/comic book/toy stores, or collectibles shops with gashapon and other figures?

4) What about a place to get doujinshi?

5) Are there any slash/BL-friendly Portland conventions or meet-ups? I'm pretty shy and reclusive but I do entertain the idea of maybe attending one at some point. Besides the one mentioned in the last comment on this community, I've only seen some sort of goth con advertised, which seems neat but which I would be unable to attend due to my lack of black clothing.

So, TL;DR version: I'd love to hear about anything slash/yaoi-fannish going on in or around Portland. I'm afraid I'm going to feel super isolated until I can find out where other fans like me shop and hang out, plus I'd like to have some interesting places to show visiting fannish friends. :)

Thanks in advance for any input!
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