sunyaharjis (sunyaharjis) wrote in pma_yaoifen,

Hi there!

Hey, I just joined up. I was wondering if there are still meetups for this group?

I just downloaded Gankutsuou and I was looking for people to watch it with... it's pretty slashable... But I'd be up for a run to Kino's or watching some of the classics or just getting together to talk about fanart and fic and doujin and all that good stuff. (And plus I'm looking for a crowd to go to Y-con with...eventually.)

Anyway you can email me or catch me on AIM if you'd ever like to chat and if anyone will be at the animepdx meeting tomorrow I'll be there too! ^_^
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Hey! Welcome. ^_^ We do try to have meet-ups but it can be an awful lot of work to get one together. If you'd like, I can make a post for next weekend to see who would be available? If nothing else, it'll get the ball rolling.
Hee! I know it's awful trying to overcome Social Inertia. But my calendar is pretty clear for next weekend and I'd like to get together if anyone else is in the mood.
Sounds good, I'll see what I can do. ^_^
We haven't had meets for a very long time because I am a bad mod -- I didn't even make it to the first meet! ^^;;;

My schedule is open for next weekend too... R, would you like to post a poll, or have me do it?

We could meet at Uwaji's, or my place, or start at Uwaji's and move to my place, but I have very limited seating. And a small car, if anyone needs rides.
Yay thanks for replying!

As far as venue goes, I don't know whereabouts everyone is located, but if nothing else I can probably shoo all the boys out of my apartment (in Tigard), and that involves having a TV hooked up to a computer that can play just about any video format ever, but also involves people dealing all together with having exactly one (1) chair in the entire place (plenty of floor space tho.)

Or I could probably make arrangements with the coffee shop down the hill to be a little understanding of a group of gay porn fans, if "meetup" doesn't have to mean "anime showing" or "live demostrations of anal penetration" and people just drink and talk fic and trade doujin or whatev.

Whatever works for people. I'm just happy to meet with a crowd that doesn't have Fear Of Smut. ;)