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May meet-up

Is it possible? *gaspshock* Do we actually have the chance to revive a community dedicated to local animanga gay porn lovers?

I think we do!

Seize the chance! Vote now! Join us in objectifying men through the admiration of gay erotica at our next meetup.

It's a ticky box poll, because everyone loves tickys. RIGHT? Besides having a general love of ticky boxes, this also means you can select more than one day, or more than one place to enjoy the company of other yaoi-fen.

When should we have our next meetup?
Sunday May 8th in between the hours of 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.
Saturday May 14, same hours
Sunday May 15, same hours
Saturday May 21...you get the idea
Sunday May 22...

Where should the meet-up take place?
Meet at Uwajimaya to have lunch and terrorize Kinokuniya staff
Have coffee at Borders and cluster around tay's pr0n machine
Lunch at a neutral, central location proposed in comments
Meet at tay's place in Hillsboro for extended viewing (4 hours or so)
Meet at Sunya's place in Tigard for same

If you have a date/time suggestion or preferred locale other than those on the poll, please enter it in comments for discussion. We are nothing if not...flexible.
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