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Newbie Intro

So here's some info about me:

*My name is Marcy. I am 45 years old, single, no kids. I live in Beaverton. I'm disabled. I have two cats. I have no car, but am in love with TriMet. My memory is Swiss cheese. I was training to be an acupuncturist before I became disabled.

*I enjoy (in no particular order) GW, WK, FMA, FAKE, Saiyuki, RK, DNAngel, CCS, Get Backers, Mars, Sanctuary, plus SiP, the Giffen/DeMatteis JLA, the George Perez Wonder Woman and Titans, Promethea, Sandman (of course, duh!), ElfQuest, anything by Alan Moore or Dori Seda, Desert Peach, ...umm, that covers most of it, I think...

*I am open-minded and always finding new animanga to enjoy, but I pretty much desperately need good writing and pretties. There are exceptions to the drawings (Donna Barr comes to mind) but I really need the writing to be there.

*I once wrote a very OOC CCS fic (YxT) which was beta'ed by the very kind Ms. Fyredancer, back when I was just a little yaoi tad. She was, perhaps, a bit too kind, LOL. *is embarassed*

That turned out pretty long. Thank god for LJ cuts. (Gods forbid I should try to restrain myself! ^_^)

Greetings! *waves*

ETA: Originally posted this to my own journal. See what I mean? *points at head* Swiss cheese.
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